Which Witch Are You? 5 Types of Witches


I’m a kitchen witch, what are you?


  1. Posted by a_nnijaa, — Reply

    Heyy Im making a group chat in instagram for spiritual people, wiches/baby wiches, so we can help each other out, reply with your ig usernames!!!

  2. Posted by DarlingLokii, — Reply

    There is also blood witches. Don’t do blood magic unless you have the balls and talent, once you imprint your blood on something g it stays forever.

  3. Posted by coolowl138, — Reply

    Hi. I am new to witchcraft, and was wandering if any other beginners would like to share what they know, and their ideas with me. We could help each other out. :) message me on Pinterest if you’re interested.

  4. Posted by bbywitch11, — Reply

    Hey!! i have a discord chat for baby witches! - and any witches!!! it’s just a place where we can help eachother out and share our tips! so yeh if you want to join just reply to this comment and i’ll send you the link! x

  5. Posted by FunnehLeo, — Reply

    I’ve always been somebody who’s been into astrology and the moon and energy even before I started think about being a witch, but I also recently started explore the tarot decks and memorizing what each card stands for I’m in between but I feel like I should only choose 1 if the 2 types..,.

  6. Posted by lwdurrett, — Reply

    Who else is a green witch? Just wondering how many others reading this are. Reply what your favorite form of green witchcraft is! Reading tea leaves? Mixing herbs? Tell me! My fav is mixing herbs!

  7. Posted by softstrawberrycake, — Reply

    Me gusta de todo un poco, pero el que más me interesa es la magia verde. El que no es la magia sobre el mar o como se traduzca sbduabd, me da pánico el mar y todo lo relacionado con él. Xd

  8. Posted by marthaoakley, — Reply

    I do peices of each definitely very eclectic. I take from celtic, shamanic, and gardinarian traditions, I do things as I feel. I trust my instincts and intuition. As long as your intentions are good and clear I don't think you have to identify as anything. I identify qs an American witch. We have a melting pot if cultures so over the years, i think many traditions melded.

  9. Posted by kellyodonnell1989, — Reply

    What if you’re into astrology, tarot, cooking, home routines, cleansing, herbalism, botany, and lunar magic?

  10. Posted by Artsycat10, — Reply

    I want to be a subgenre of cosmic, specializing in crystals. Is that like a thing I can do?

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