How to Care for Hydrangeas


Follow these expert tips for hydrangea care—whether they’re in a vase, potted, or in the ground—for beautiful blooms all season long. Learning how to take care of hydrangeas isn’t difficult. These hydrangea care guidelines came straight from the pros, and they’ll help you care for your blooms in a vase, potted, in the ground, or wherever else they take root.


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    My hydrangeas plant is in a pot but all of a sudden it looks wilted. I watered it well but it still looks wilted. I am afraid it is dying.

  2. Posted by ninatonna, — Reply

    Yes I have a Hydrangeas I had it for about 2years and has blown yet It’s looks good but not blown yet

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    How to make your Hydrangeas turn a color.

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    Caring for Hydrangeas

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