Cat owners capture hilarious moments their pets did something silly


From falling over to furry coats, this collection of photographs, taken via Snapchat and posted to image-sharing site Imgur, prove that these felines really are unintentionally hilarious.


  1. Posted by shins2806, — Reply

    Um, a cat that small can't get into a vase that big. They would have to put that cat in their, and that's mean.

  2. Posted by haidarn24gmailcom, — Reply

    When you see people saying that it's bad for the cat but you just have to tilt the vase to get it out.

  3. Posted by horse_shoe, — Reply

    That could be a fatal mistake in the wild. Guess this one isn't the brightest bulb in the box 😂

  4. Posted by WhatIfUrPurplee, — Reply

    I saw it at first and burst out laughing then I saw the face and proceeded to cry instead

  5. Posted by ittybitty456, — Reply

    You can tip the vase over and it’s small enough to get out

  6. Posted by breemays1983, — Reply

    I think the poor fur baby got curious and fell in from the edge of the couch

  7. Posted by megm007, — Reply

    Let him out, you monster!

  8. Posted by ks1phx, — Reply

    I don't believe it.

  9. Posted by Harmoniousvibes, — Reply


  10. Posted by elliana0493, — Reply

    Catt trapp

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