At Home with Framebridge


At Home with Framebridge


  1. Posted by nicostudio1512, — Reply

    I love this layout for mounting iterations of an artwork exploration, i.e., various figure drawings or a series of watercolors..

  2. Posted by kmckillen, — Reply

    have always loved the symmetry of lining pics like this. Would prefer black frames.

  3. Posted by nykolekahoalii, — Reply

    ⬆️ Are you kidding me? ... beautiful gallery wall. Good job!

  4. Posted by MissMadie5841, — Reply

    That dog has a boner(:

  5. Posted by aprilella2, — Reply

    Love gallery walls that look beautiful and put together

  6. Posted by Reebs2410, — Reply

    Lmao it was a nice picture until I saw the dog 😂

  7. Posted by xlpsychotoast, — Reply

    The dog has a red rocket....😂😂😂

  8. Posted by leeannburkhart, — Reply

    Family pic galley wall behind the desk?

  9. Posted by njc087, — Reply

    Love this!

  10. Posted by yakecolon, — Reply


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